Entering writing contests is like riding a roller coaster, and it's a great learning experience. It gives you a deadline, a word limit, and a theme. Perhaps a genre you've never considered writing. There's nothing like fear to get your creative juices flowing. Shake it up. Try writing in first, second, or third person. Try... Continue Reading →

Rock Bottom

A Short Story by M.J. Patrick

I lay my last bill on the polished granite countertop. “Let me buy this round.” If I appear desperate, the odds of sleeping in bed tonight decrease considerably. The mocking voices in my head are quiet, due to the amount of liquor I’m consuming...

The House on Moss Swamp Road

What an exciting week. Two years of work culminated today when I hit the Publish button on my first novel, The House on Moss Swamp Road. I have many people to thank. If Tim, my middle son, hadn't written Platform 21, I wouldn't be writing this blog today. Thanks, Tim! Writing can consume you. Beautiful... Continue Reading →

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