What’s a Writer To Do?

What’s harder, writing or marketing a book?

After publishing The House on Moss Swamp Road in October, I have a total of four reviews. I’ll be honest, I’m thrilled to have them. But I’m told I need 20 or more for Amazon to include them in the also bought and you might like lists.

To increase my reviews, I’m taking a course on how to get 100 Reviews. I just finished the first Unit. I’m behind as I’m editing on the second draft of Veiled Horizons, a YA novel. My blog has suffered in the process, while I try to market my first book and write my second. An author’s platform, what’s that?

I’m in a bit of analysis paralysis as I try to decide what my priorities are.

I’m told to get an email list. A top priority for survival. Be lavish and give away your best writing. All fantastic advice. But once again, it’s a time thing. Do I stop my other projects to write a fabulous giveaway? Once that’s accomplished, I’ll have to master an application that stores hard sought emails. And then see if anyone will part with their information for the freebie.

Am I whining? Oh gosh, I hope not. Just trying to figure things out.

Where are you in this? I’d like to hear from you.

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