August 19, 2020 – Housewarming Gifts

Hoop House

It felt awesome getting the front-walk tomatoes into the hoop house. Of course, seconds later, Dick and I thought of several things the hoop house needed immediatly. Ventilation, irrigation, and information about its climate. Time to go shopping.

Even with the 40% shade-cloth covering the hoop house, it was warm and the air stale and still—something ventilation would fix. Plants need fresh CO2, to diminish disease, and to help with temperature and humidity. A breeze will also prep young seedlings for the outside world.

We picked up an inexpensive fan and mounted it to the top of the ridge beam. It’s out of the way and provides great airflow. Within seconds of turning it on, it made a big difference. Soon, Dick and I will want to add chairs for us to enjoy this pleasant micro-climate.

Water was the next big thing. Instead of dragging a hose from the barn, Dick drilled a hole into the back of the hoop’s end cap. While we’re at it, might as well rig up a watering system for the hugelkulture mounds and row garden.

In the future, automatic watering!

Lastly, exactly how hot and humid was it inside the hoop house? Seeds have a hard time germinating when the soil’s over 85 degrees.  A thermometer with a hygrometer to check humidity is on its way.


Our first acorn squash. It wasn’t growing, and its vine appeared sickly, so it was picked. I don’t remember ever cooking this type of squash. Any recipe or suggestions will be much appreciated. More of these cute little fruits are growing on another vine.

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